People First believes in the power of people.

We love seeing our customer’s vision come to fruition. Our team is here to help and ensure that your organization’s unique needs are met.

Meet our Leaders


Peter Bedard         

Peter founded People First as an Organizational Development and Design Consulting company in 1998. Over the years, Peter has been very fortunate to work closely with some of Canada’s leading executives and entrepreneurs, helping them to design their organizations and build their teams. Peter has extensive experience working with management teams in several industries, namely real estate, manufacturing, education, healthcare and recreation. Peter loves discussing an organization’s vision toward growth, hearing about their culture and their people plan.

Peter has a background in Psychology and Criminology, and a Master’s in Business Administration and Doctoral studies focusing in Organizational Culture. 


Monique Kavelaars     

Monique has been working with teams to create cultural shifts in pursuit of high performance for over 15 years. Building on her experience as a Canadian Olympian, Monique helps teams identify and eliminate unhealthy behaviours that impede focus on results. Monique lived and trained in Europe for over a decade as a High Performance Coach. Since returning to Canada, Monique has been focusing her talents as a Team Health Facilitator, working with People First clients to achieve results through mutual trust and accountability.

Monique has a background in Psychology and Kinesiology and is a designated Sport Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming.