How Will The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Impact my Team?

5B of a Cohesive team

At People First, we have aligned our team with the skills needed to help turn your organization’s vision into an achievable reality. Our goals are clear, our objectives carefully planned and discussed — every goal is obtainable. The foundation of our strategy is based on a People First mentality, and many of our plans involve applying the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® to your organization, will be the ultimate key to success.

As authorized partners of Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, our goal is to work with organizations to take your talented team of employees and teach them how to build a strong and united group that effectively works together to achieve their common goals. We will continue applying our methods to your organization until we have made a significant impact on you and your team.

Employee Development

It is important to recognize the value of every single employee within your organization. What is their role in the workplace? What specific value do they bring to the table? Your people are your company. Therefore, it is important that they feel supported, in order to produce their best work while working towards overall team success.

In order for an organization to focus on developing all employees successfully, they must partake in the first of the Five Behaviors: building trust. Trust is at the core of building a cohesive team, and can only be achieved if your team is willing to be open and vulnerable with each other. Employees want to feel that they work in an environment where their managers and co-workers genuinely care and are committed to supporting their professional work, in order to achieve growth within their organization. Without trust, progress cannot be made.

Corporate Team Building

Work environments where collaboration and positive encouragement is seen between staff should be the goal of every organization.

In order to see results within your creative and hardworking team, focus on implementing team building exercises into your office’s routine.

The Five Behaviors come into play when considering corporate team building exercises. Build trust through exercises that encourage co-workers to collaborate and rely on each other, such as creating a team from different departments together for an important project. A team of members with different skill sets and opinions may result in conflict. However, conflict can be productive by focusing on how different concepts and ideas can lead to growth.

Corporate team building also includes activities outside of the office. This can be anything from office lunches to team bonding at the bowling alley. It is important for your team to get to know each other outside of your workspace. Teams that share a personal bond with each other outside the office are more likely to be more productive and encouraging when working on important tasks and projects for work purposes.

Successful Teamwork

A successful team of hard-working professionals who know the value of teamwork will not magically appear overnight. Building a team with a like-minded attitude towards a successful organization is a process, and it starts with every individual. Using the Five Behaviors method, it is vital to keep communication as open as possible with all employees. This means discussing the benefits of the Five Behaviors to both the individual, and the team as a whole. Have meetings with individuals one-on-one, discussing their personal goals and how they can best collaborate with others in the office. Have frequent team meetings, giving individuals space to speak freely within a safe and positive environment. Checking in, encouraging, openly discussing the conflict, and reaching as high as you can for growth.

A united team will come with the right mindset and a generous amount of time and patience. Together, you can work to make your cohesive, intelligent and goal-achieving team, one that works endlessly to achieve success.