People First is an Insights Discovery® licensed practitioner

Allow us to take your team on a journey to increase self-awareness and professional development within your organization.

Insights Discovery is focused on guiding teams to truly understand themselves to increase the potential of your business as a whole.

By asking questions such as, “What kind of leader am I now, and how can I be better?” or “Why do I react so strongly to change, and how do I accept what’s happening and focus on the task at hand?” your people will take an honest look at their personal style, seeing themselves more clearly to establish successful actions plans for improvement.

Insights Discovery to grow potential

The flagship program of Insights® solutions, Insights Discovery increases self-understanding to help your team perform at their highest possible levels.

Insights Discovery is a tool built to create profiles that allow people to understand themselves and others to make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. Using a simple four colour model, we will help people understand their personal styles and strengths, as well as the value they bring to their team.

The value of an Insights Discovery Personal Profile

As we facilitate the program, everyone will receive a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile. Using these profiles as the starting block, we will work with your people, teams, and leaders to take on the challenges that are presenting themselves and hindering peak performance.

Ultimately, the impact of Insights Discovery is so much more than the profiles your people receive — it is the takeaway when your team returns to their daily routine. Once our facilitation is over, the ROI continues.

As your team applies the lessons learned during Insights Discovery, communication will become clearer, motivation easier, and you will see your team come together to work towards common goals.

Benefit from the measurable impact of your investment in putting your people first.

Get more with additional Insights® solutions

Insights® offers several additional solutions to increase value of your Insights Discovery Personal Profiles, all with self-understanding at the core of the program. The increase of self-awareness puts personal development in the hands of your team. We work with you to determine the challenges within your organization and facilitate the Insights solution that is right for you.

Deeper Discovery

Deeper Discovery explores the people potential of your team, encouraging people to unlock what drives them, inspires them, and what legacy they want to leave in the future. These conversations lead to deeper self-understanding and professional development.

Discovery Full Circle

Discovery Full Circle facilitation offers 360 degree feedback in a positive way to motivate your people to take action to improve their workplace relationships. Our Discovery Full Circle Profile will exemplify how members of a team really see each other, how that impacts the effectiveness of the team, culminating in action plans to improve relationships.

Transformational Leadership

Raise the self-awareness of your leaders with our leadership programs, designed to unlock and maximize potential. Our accredited facilitators will work with you to fully customize a program to address how your leaders prefer to lead, and how they successfully do so.

Sales Effectiveness

Our Insights accredited facilitators will draw from the Insights Discovery Personal Profiles to help your sales people understand how to use their personal styles to influence their customers, peers, and managers to exceed potential and work together to create an exceptional sales team.

Team Effectiveness

Teamwork solutions are customized programs we will create with you to help overcome your most pressing team challenges, focusing on how your teams like to work together and the effectiveness of their teamwork. We will use findings from the facilitation to form the basis of an action plan that we will help create and implement, then monitor progress with follow-ups to ensure your team is staying on track and motivated.