Keynote Speaking Engagements

Monique Kavelaars brings authenticity, inspiration, and creativity to the stage in a variety of custom keynote presentations.

People First’s Monique Kavelaars offers insight and experience to meet the unique needs of any audience and event.

With keynote presentations ideal for a variety of audiences, Monique has inspired middle managers, women in the workplace, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Monique’s approachable demeanour and unparalleled expertise have put her one stage to facilitate the development of teams and leaders to recognize and reach their true potential.

Meet Monique

Monique is a Team Health Facilitator, Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Canadian Olympian specializing in leadership development, organization transformation, and building high-performance teams. After years as a Canadian living and working in several European countries, Monique is now a culture expert, with extensive experience and knowledge in leadership in diverse settings.

With over 15 years of experience working with teams to create cultural shifts in pursuit of measurable results, Monique’s knowledge and passion ensures a positive impact for individuals and organizations.

Groups from 30 to 300 will gain positive benefits and extensive insight from Monique's vast and diverse experiences.

Popular Keynote Topics

As a High-Performance Athlete and Coach turned Team Health Facilitator, Monique brings a unique perspective on business, sport, and life to any stage. Check out some of her most popular keynote topics, or connect to create a custom presentation for your event.

How Do We Do It Together?

As a high-performance athlete, Monique has gained invaluable insight on teamwork. Benefit from her experience in a sports-themed presentation from the perspective of a female Olympian.

Understanding Your Path

Without setting clear goals, how do you get where you’re going? In this presentation, Monique will discuss the power of setting and achieving goals.

Women in Power

Through her experiences living internationally, Monique has seen women in leadership roles and in a social context that greatly differ from experiences in Canada. In this female-focused presentation, Monique explores leadership, culture, and being a woman in this market.

How Do You Make The NHL?

Let Monique’s story of a Mexican hockey player in Canada (or in her case, a Canadian Fencer in France) demonstrate how to break the limits and achieve your version of success.