Strategic workplace integration

Aligning people place and process for the ultimate workplace experience.

Success isn’t just about where you’re going, but how you get there. We empower businesses to create future-proof, effective work environments that foster growth. With a 360-degree understanding of your work ecosystem, we provide strategies and plans with a strong emphasis on employee needs and wellbeing, putting your people first.

We integrate cutting-edge analytics into our solutions enabling you to manage your workplace portfolio with efficiency and foresight. With Reworc, you’re not just planning for the future; you’re building it, rooted in a profound understanding of your teams’ dynamics.

Digital Interview Listen

Transform voices into actionable insights. Capture the needs of your employees by facilitating organization-wide engagement. Save time by uncovering hidden patterns, enabling proactive decisions and boosting your business health.

Work Navigator Analyze

Envision a tool that peels back the layers of your organization to reveal its intricate dynamics. The dashboard, built on research-backed analysis, grants you a holistic understanding of every team. It’s not just about data representation, but strategic insights.

Spacepro Program

Harness the power of human-centric design to suit your organization’s most significant investment – your people. Automate space requirements based on employee needs and work patterns. Facilitate the right-sizing of your real estate portfolio, reduce consulting costs through automating work, and enhance performance of your organization.