People First believes in the power of people.

We love seeing your vision come to fruition. Our team is here to help and ensure that your organization’s unique needs are met.

Who We Are

People First is a organizational development and design consulting company created in order to assist you and your organization with all things related to performance and efficiency. We help you optimize structures, processes, and employee development through the use of our unique methodologies. 

By analyzing current happenings within your company and customizing a plan to increase connectedness across your organization’s structure, we hope to provide your team with the tools to grow. In short, our people are here to help your people.

Why People First

Our company beliefs are rooted in The People First Model of Alignment, a unique perspective utilized in order to formulate facilitations and company consultations. This full circle model is composed of a vision and values that are vital to the continual success of any and every organization.

Applying elements of The People First Model of Alignment sets us apart from other consulting firms who do not value the versatility of structure, culture, competencies, and objectives- the four main pillars of our model.

The facilitation of sessions for the Hughes&Co team lended to a strengthening of our company culture and resulted in strong adoption of our company’s values resulting in a strengthened team and a more collaborative environment. This directly impacted the quality of work leaving our agency.

Allie Hughes
CEO, Hughes&Co